Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bella Bag back in June

Returning to the working field has left me little time for ANYTHING. Somehow I managed a few layouts with my March Bella Bag picks and will be holding the crop the first Friday evening in June at Bella Art. Hope you like them!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Im in love....

with ducks. Four of them to be exact. Only me. It doesn't take much to win me over I guess. I know I will eventually have to give them up. The longer I keep them the more attached I am. Who would have thought? I wasn't expecting to even like them never mind want to keep them. It just happened. How am I going to let them go? The hatching of these were amazing to witness. You could hear them chirp a few days even before they hatched from inside the shell. Once they cracked the shell and made a hole they rested for about 12 hours then continued to peck out for the next 12 hours. We saw this happen 10 times! After the first week we gave six away to a farm and kept 4. They get so excited to see me and follow me around the yard. Unfortunately Jack wants them for dinner and makes it very difficult to let them roam as much as they should. I was hoping he would get used to them but that is only wishful thinking. Such a great experience for all. I am going to miss them more than I ever imagined when they are gone... but never again !!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March sneek

The next Bella bag is almost complete. Here is a sneek at a layout done with the kit. Realease date to be announced soon... (we are up to 10 members!!!) and the crop with the bag will now be on Sundays...... Stay tuned. :)