Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beach House Gust Book


It feels so good to finish a project. This one was very dear to me and alot of work went into this. It is not perfect but I am happy with it. I look forward to seeing what our guests will write and to adding some photos of our fun times with them this summer. I am hoping one of the guests names will be the Small's from Delaware(.... hint hint). Too many pictures to post so I made a slide show. Have a wonderful Saturday! Ps: Have you heard about this new site? One more place for me to follow. Launches tomorrow and has some give aways planned for the week, which who woulldn't love a chance to win something?....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am out of my box....

and into stamping. I will admit I don't do this often. I feel like I am in first grade again with all the stamping, coloring and cutting. It's fun. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what works and doesn't. Definitely need to sit down with Kathie at Bella Art. Copic Markers are the way to go for coloring stamps these days and I haven't taken the plunge yet with them. Using what I have (2 years and dusty) water colors and a paintbrush.
I woke up this morning with a great idea for the back cover of the book and am excited to finish decorating some pages and get to work on my ideas.
Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Burnt eggs

That is what you get when you are engrossed in a project and forget about the pot of water with eggs you left on the stove. Gross. I am almost done with the cover. I got crazy with UTEE today. I wanted to make sure the cover could withstand a lot of handling since I plan on leaving this book out on the coffee table. I love how it secures the rub on's, stickers and chipboard and the glass like finish. I took a few seconds to write a little welcome note for the beginning of the book and printed it out on vellum, went through my pictures to add some through out the pages, sized my heavy white paper to 8x8 and used one of the die cut flip flops as a mask to UTEE the back cover. I plan on decorating inside this space with something.... or journal here. Next is to embellish some of the pages with the stamps in the corners, add the pictures, the 7 Gypsies metal edges and then last to Bella for the binding. Quite the project but I am loving it!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


don't always go as planned. The map. I tried distressing it, and matting it, and cropping it. No matter what I did I didn't like it. I scratched it. Maybe I will use it inside.....
Happy Friday

Thursday, February 19, 2009

some sneek peeks

of my project. I had a few hours yesterday to get the ball rolling. I was interrupted about 50 times by Matthew and his friend, but it is a beginning. I decided to go with the beach house guest book for my project. I picked up some cool stamps at Bella, some borrowed and some purchased on Tuesday. For the cover I wanted a map of Narragansett. I spent way too much time on line trying to find one I could print with no luck. Then I found a South County map I had saved and decided to go with that. It is not as close as I would have liked, but it will do. I decided to put the title of the book on the flip flop shape cut from a Hambly overlay sheet. To dress it up first, I embossed it with VersaMark and white powder using a Hero Arts background stamp. Can you believe you can use a heat gun an emboss on these Heavy Hambly Overlays! I tested it first and was amazed it didn't melt. Many possibilities here now for the future using stamps and these overlays. Then I decided to dress up the flip flop straps with the white CI button and pearls. I am still playing with some paper behind the button or under the strap for some color. The buttons will need to be secured with some thread also. I love all the dimensions going on on my cover. Hopefully I will get to play a little more today.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Febuary Bella Art Project

This months Bell Art Design team project is to create using die cuts. From a hat, I drew an 8inch or so Accu Cut die cut flip flop, left and right. It's so cute. I immediately decided I want to create a mini album from this some how. I have 3 ideas in mind and have everything layed out to brain storm. How I am going to put it together is the most important part before I start to create. I could use rings, the bind it all, or simple tie it all together with that wonderful new orange teri cloth trim that screams summer. If I use the bind it all I was thinking of turning it into a guest book for the beach house, which I always wanted to make. The shape of it is so fun though, I think I will stick with it as a mini album. I am going to try and post my progress as I go along. I plan on using lots of stamps, paints inks and transparencies throughout. Now I need to go through my photos for a theme. Do I want to do a review of the years or one years photo's? Lots of decisions to make.... Happy Thursday and enjoy this nice weather while it lasts!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Layout and some thoughts...

Would I have taken this photo and saved it if I wasn't a scrapbooker? Probably not. I love all my candid everyday photos. My sisters think I am crazy with my camera always with me and with how many photos I have of my kids, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am grateful to have found the art of scrapbooking because I feel like It helps me appreciate and remember the everyday moments in life and the little things. Happy Tuesday

Thursday, February 5, 2009

100th day of school

project is due soon.I have been hearing alot of my friends talk about doing this with their kids lately but don't ever recall having to do it with Danielle or Matthew. Low and behold, he came home with this project on Monday. He has to gather 100 of something little and bring it in. I immediately said that should be no problem with all of the Lego's you have and his eyes lit up. He said "Do you think I have enough Lego men to bring in?" I am not poor for nothing!!!! He did his homework so fast last night because he couldn't wait to get his guys all together. Each one had to have the right head, legs, body, hair, helmet/head. This was quite a feet and took us into the start of American Idol. Then he said to me I wish I could take them in all standing up. He cant wait to show his collection to his class. I am not so sure the teacher is going to be thrilled with his Lego man selection. I don't think it is quite what she had in mind. Oh well. Here is a quick layout I did last week. It is a lift from one of the new Magazine's I got in the mail. I am trying to get a class together but just not very inspired lately.