Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Monday

I am very excited about many things this morning. I am so proud of my children. At the beginning of the school year Matthew could not even read 2 letter words. I was so worried about how behind he was from all the other kids and now this month, actually last week he has begun reading whole books all on his own! We had been working hard and he was coming along slowly. All of a sudden he got it! And he likes reading and doesn't complain. This morning I finished his monthly reading log, six books and I am filled with such happiness with his progress and am excited to see him continue to do well in school. He may still be behind the other kids but he has made such personal progress and I am so proud of him.
And Danielle, she completed her science project last night 2 days early! It ended up being a family project we all helped with and she even let Matthew help. At her parent teacher conference last week her advisor said she is at the top of her class. When I told her this she said "really" ? I knew she had it in her and hope she continues. She has such potential and again I am so proud of her.
Now enough family stuff. Bella Art. Where do I begin? I am very excited about being part of their design team. We had our first meeting yesterday and I think she did such an amazing job picking out the team. Very diverse styles. I am excited to be working with these talented ladies. Our first project is to use Thickers and for it to be a fall theme. These are the goodies I got yesterday. I can't wait to create with them.
I am almost done with my Day in the life album. Very excited about this also and love the way it came out. Here are a few pages. I have sat and Sunday left to do. It feels so good to do a project just for me. I highly recommend doing this.


ckmom78 said...

Your children's achievement's are wonderful... doesn't it feel great when you get those great feelings!!!
Love, Love,Love your week in the life book it's turning out awesome (i haven't even printed my pics yet?)

Congrats again about the DT, can't wait to see your creations !!!

psmall said...

Your blog is awesome!
You are sooo talented...yeah for Matthew! Give him a big hug for me!

Gretchen said...

I saw your week-in-the-life project on Ali Edwards blog and I had to come check out your blog. I love your album! Please don't take this the wrong way...but I love how "messy" it looks...with different pages sticking out, not all perfectly aligned. I just LOVE that! That is life...not everything all neat and in order. thank you so much for sharing, you've sparked me to create a week-life project. thanks!!

Gina said...

Really love your album! Best wishes from Australia :D