Monday, November 24, 2008

Everyday Moments

On the way to school this morning...
Mom: "Hurry Up Matt your gona have to get a late slip"!
Matt: "And why do I care about that?".
Simply precious.
Yesterday, I made sheets for Danielle and Matt to write their x-mas list on thinking I could somehow make a page with it after. My plan was to cut them down to 8x10 and add a photo of them writing their list. Matt was very into it and got very creative with his. He used the whole 12x12 and got some very cool illustrations down for Santa. I am going to have to rethink my page design now.
Number one on his wish list was an ipod VIDEO. Can't believe it. What happened to the very big star wars ship? Very torn about that request. He is only six. Wonder what Santa will think....?
Happy Monday everyone. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and no school routines for a few days.
Almost done with my OLW about energy. Will post later today.
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ckmom78 said...

great idea, i'm sure you will ammend it well!;)