Thursday, February 5, 2009

100th day of school

project is due soon.I have been hearing alot of my friends talk about doing this with their kids lately but don't ever recall having to do it with Danielle or Matthew. Low and behold, he came home with this project on Monday. He has to gather 100 of something little and bring it in. I immediately said that should be no problem with all of the Lego's you have and his eyes lit up. He said "Do you think I have enough Lego men to bring in?" I am not poor for nothing!!!! He did his homework so fast last night because he couldn't wait to get his guys all together. Each one had to have the right head, legs, body, hair, helmet/head. This was quite a feet and took us into the start of American Idol. Then he said to me I wish I could take them in all standing up. He cant wait to show his collection to his class. I am not so sure the teacher is going to be thrilled with his Lego man selection. I don't think it is quite what she had in mind. Oh well. Here is a quick layout I did last week. It is a lift from one of the new Magazine's I got in the mail. I am trying to get a class together but just not very inspired lately.

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meganklauerphotography said...

Very cute! My little guy just had to do this as well. He too took legos, though we don't nearly have that many lego men.