Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet Jack

A new addition to our family. A pure breed one year old Yorkie fell into my lap on Saturday. He is playful but gentile. Handsome as you can see. He knows how to sit and fetch. He is in desperate need of a good grooming and came to me all matted but he doesn't mind being brushed. We already named him Jumping Jack because when he gets excitied he can jump 3 -4 feet. He is adorable I cant believe someone gave him up. He gets along great with Spooks and its already like he has been part of our family since he was born. The only down side is he is not house trained or fixed. Yes I have my work cut out for me but he is so smart I don't think I will have a problem. So far not so bad. Barking isn't an issue either. He is very quiet. The only reason I can see why he was given up has to be the house training. Thanks Erica for the referal. Lots more pictures of Jack to come!

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ckmom78 said...

awe, he's a cutie!!